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Fad diets have always been a prominent part of society, however, so few of them hold any merit. With new trends and dietary breakthroughs also come negative trends and false claims. Fad diets have made a comeback after many suppressed years with the urgency to get healthy the quickest way possible. Three of the most common include veganism, juicing, and the raw foods cleanse.

Although going vegan can be beneficial in many ways, it will not slow down the progression of cancer like many claims, nor will it lower your risk for heart disease. Dr. Colin Campbell, a medical professional who ran The China Study, openly admits that going vegan does not have any different effect on your body than going 95% animal free. You can maintain good overall and cardiovascular health without having to give up meat overall.

Juicing has also taken off in the world of health. The belief that it will cleanse your body and shrink your waist has also been disproven. There is nothing more efficient in your body than the organs that you were born with to detox and cleanse your system. Both your kidneys and your liver serve as the cleaning function in your body. Nothing you drink will outwork both of these organs. Although a benefit to juicing is restrictive calorie intake, you may also be doing more harm than good to your body. Fruits are infused with sugar, and juicing may cause over-consumption of sugar, leading to weight gain opposed to weight loss.

Lastly, the raw foods cleanse is fueled by the belief that cooking vegetables will destroy all the nutrients in them. This is false, whether you eat the vegetable raw or cooked your body will break them down and take the nutrients from them that it needs. Going raw and never cooking a meal with will not increase your life expectancy. A study of bladder cancer was conducted, and the research found that cooked vegetables decreased the rate of cancer, while raw vegetables did not.

What we can learn from this, is all diets have both pros and cons to them. Often, fad diets can be supported by the media or celebrities looking to boost their brand. t is up to you to distinguish which one is the best for your body type, and not follow what other people do for theirs