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Dr. Joel Singer

Medical Professional & Stem Cell Expert

Alongside his work, Dr. Joel Singer is dedicated to helping others discover the truth about wellness fads and choose solutions that best fit their personal medical needs.

Dr. Joel Singer has taken the medical practice by storm by combining the latest healthcare technology with the services to provide his patients with the best possible care and most-up-to-date procedures. He is Medical Director for Park Avenue Stem Cell, as well as a board certified plastic surgeon. Wielding over 30 years of medical experience from his practices in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut, he has dedicated his career and life to helping people.

Using his education and extensive healthcare experience, Dr. Singer is able to debunk medical and wellness fads trending in the medical community. While he often looks outside traditional medicine to find revolutionary solutions and new procedures for patients in need, he knows what trends actually work and which fads are all just hype. Not many people have access to this kind of knowledge, which is why he would like to provide them with all the information they need. As a trusted and innovative medical professional, Dr. Joel Singer provides the truth behind trend and fad to debunk any false information.

He is no stranger to giving people the help they need, even if it takes traveling the world to do it. Throughout his world travels, he trained local plastic surgeons and provided free surgeries to children in need. He continues to lend his extensive experience in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the New England Society of Plastic Surgeons, as well as other organizations, both nationally and locally.

In the early 1980s, Dr. Joel Singer’s medical career took off when he became the first plastic surgeon in Connecticut to perform liposuction. After becoming a pioneer in the plastic surgery field, his fascination with fat transfer led to his passion and research in the benefits of autologous fat derived adult stem cells. This also led him to create Park Avenue Stem Cell, which is now the leader in stem cell therapy in New York.

An early affiliate in the Cell Surgical Network®, an international organization of physicians committed to researching the benefits of adipose derived stem cells, Dr. Singer works with a network of multiple specialists who collaborates with Park Avenue Stem Cell for clinical research. Most of his stem cell research aims to treat patients’ chronic conditions, aiding to countless people to be free of their pain and symptoms. Dr. Joel Singer channels his knowledge and vast interest of plastic surgery and stem cell research into discovering innovative and groundbreaking solutions for his patients.

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